tree risk management

Terms used that we need to know!


The chance of something adverse happening


The human, property, or disruption target(s) within strike range of risk. Eg. within the "target zone"

Target Occupancy

The length of time the target remains within the target zone.

Likelihood of Failure

The likelihood of the tree or tree part falling within a specified time period.

Likelihood of Impacting Target

The likelihood of a failed tree or tree part striking the target.

Consequence of Failure

In the event of failure, the extent of harm to persons, damage to property, or the disruptions to activities caused.

Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)

Some conditions to look out for include:
Girdling roots may cause health deficiencies particularly in younger trees and/or defective/de-stability in trees as they mature.
Girdling roots - usually a direct result of poor nursery management or poor planting practice.